Naturally Pure MCH from The Dead Sea

The Human Body's Most Absorbable Magnesium

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We Know Magnesium Deficiency Affects us ALL...

Here's Why It's a Serious Threat to Your Health – Why Common-Supplementation Won't Help You, – And The New Discovery That Will.

...Low ENERGY? Trouble Sleeping? High Stress? Anxiety?
Joint & Muscle Pain? Migraines? ...Chronic Health Issues?

Then This Letter Is For YOU:

*See How “i-MCH” Brings Your Body Into COMPLETE EQUILIBRIUM
And Eliminates The Main “4-Horseman” of Bodily Breakdown...
~ Improving Sleep, ENERGY, Joints, Balance and Well-being!


Re: The deficiency common "supplementation" and diet WON'T correct...

I don't want to scare you.

But the completely honest truth is you should be concerned.

Magnesium deficiency is a "core-plague" in our society, and is effecting every-single-one of us.

No exceptions. And the impending threat to your health is nothing to joke.

– I'm going to share with you WHY this is one of the major modern threats to our health – and in actuality, how this letter literally could save your life.

...And at the least, will spare you from a considerable amount of unnecessary pain, discomfort and suffering.

Which I'm going to tell you from personal experience and revolutionary discovery...

Because 8 years ago, I was suffering from life-threatening illness. I was only 46 - and my health and body were in a VERY bad place.

And out of every "health secret" I uncovered - since regaining my health and trotting the globe for the "holy grail" of nutritional supplements, I discovered ONE - that I believe (for good reason) is –

The Top Health Supplement EVERYONE Should Take.

My name is Ian Clark — (CEO of Activation, a natural health company.) And what I'm going to talk to you about – is the simplest, most elegant solution for your health, you’ve ever experienced.

We’ll quickly cover why - partcularly "magnesium deficiency" affects us all in some way, and what the highest-level solution is for your body... something you've never experienced.

(— It’s a naturally pure, solution of dead sea derived magnesium ~ called i-MCH. Which is a 100% natural magnesium chloride hexahydrate, that is totally pure – and void of any additional such substances, like you’d find in traditional “rock-derived” or common synthetic magnesiums, in various forms.)

It is the purest form of magnesium on Earth, using natural implosion and inprint technology.

Assured: your body has never experienced anything like it.

— It’s the most compatible, and KEY — (*most absorbable) concentration of pure magnesium available - for our human operating system.

Which we’ll cover in detail... (including why it’s naturally identical in composition with the water that fills over 70% of your body...)

So my goal here, is that after you read this letter – if you had one single substance, aside from food and water, to store in your medicine cabinet or keep with you – this solution would be it.

This is the #1 thing you want for you and your entire family, and my job here is to help you see the "WHY"...

In fact, just to give you some context – not only have I been using this substance for going on 7 years now, but my entire family uses it - including my wife and all 7 of my children. And here at Activation, we also have over 50 employees...

...Every One of Them is Given a Bottle
Before They’re Hired.

So when I say "I'm behind this stuff"... I'm really BEHIND it.

...And I'm going to explain to you why it's THAT important for your body.

First, we're going to discuss why your Sleep, ENERGY production, Cellular metabolism and detox - and general health cannot sustain without it...


  • How Magnesium is responsible for over 330 enzymatic biochemical reactions in your body, and really the major role in your body and health it plays...
  • The cascading effects this deficiency has, and how your body, day by day begins to slowly breakdown...
  • Why your body and well being won’t experience homeostasis, or “synergistic health" – until your magnesium balance is restored ~via a natural and perfectly synergistic form with your body.
  • Why iMCH is such a revolutionary breakthrough in magnesium assimilation, with ability to restore and keep your body in equilibrium!

So before we dive in, I want you to picture this scenario:

Your body is made up of approximately

And for each one of them to survive —

— Each one of them needs to regulate the proper mineral balance.

— Each one has to be fueled by sufficient ATP energy...

— And each cell’s necessary chemical reactions need driven by hundreds of different enzymes.

When your cells don’t contain the proper mineral-ratio, don’t have the ATP energy needed to operate properly, and they aren’t supported with healthy enzymatic function — your health begins to breakdown — as your cells are unable to carry out their necessary function.

If this process continues, the body begins giving up, and soon dies.

Magnesium is the backbone of every single one of these processes:

  • Within your body’s cells, it serves hundreds of life-providing functions.
  • It’s required for over 330 life-sustaining enzymatic processes...
  • It’s required to produce ATP energy — which fuels your cells, body and organs.
  • It’s required to activate the sodium-potassium pump inside each one of your cells.

Meaning —

Without sufficient Magnesium, your cells are on SKID ROW!

There’s a very good reason Magnesium is known as the MASTER MINERAL.

Because magnesium is the second most abundant element inside human cells.

And our cells are our lifeline. Without properly functioning cells, we not only can’t obtain our desired health — but we can’t survive.

So I’m sure you understand the critical importance of healthy cells and the necessity of their vital functioning components — for everything in health and well-being we all desire?

So multiple each one of these important cells by 100 TRILLION...

Visualize the enormity in your body.

If you don’t have enough Magnesium, you’ve got a serious problem.

A Problem You Share with 99.9% of the Population.

Now you’re starting to see the magnitude behind Magnesium deficiency.

And you’ve probably heard from multiple experts about how “80% of us are deficient”...

And I’ve told you why WE ARE ALL deficient... (at least 99 percent of us.)

Just about everyone of us is walking around with Stage 1, 2, 3 or 4 deficiency...

Most people that have become “symptomatic” –

...From low energy, to compromised sleep, joint pain, muscle cramps, anxiety, migraines, high blood pressure, diabetes, inability to cope with stress, osteoporosis, cancer , etc — are already usually a result of Stage 3 or even —


This is why Magnesium deficiency is a leading-culprit behind so many of today’s unhealthy conditions circulating in our society.

In fact, this ONE-mineral is a major way the the Agriculture, Dairy & Municipal Industries are inflating things like chronic conditions, heart disease & cancer rates, joint pain and potassium deficiency to name a few...

(Which I’ll explain in just a minute here...)

But first, let’s talk about —

Why Magnesium Has Such a Large
Effect On Our Health?

The importance of maintaining sufficient levels of magnesium, is immense.

And this goes way beyond deficient symptoms or crooked sleep...

Without sufficient Magnesium, your body’s performance and main abilities to cope with daily things like oxidative stress and toxic burden, are dramatically handicapped.

It affects your bodily processes in a multitude of major ways...

Which I'm going to lay this out very simply for you...

There are four “main areas” of concern.

We’ll refer to these culprits as—


These are your "4 main culprits" of bodily breakdown.

Whether you’re at STAGE 1, 2, 3 or 4, magnesium deficiency — or you just flat out have alternative health or energy issues — (or if you have any family members people you know or care about, that have health issues...) these will be perceptively familiar.

The “four horseman” are as you know, symbolic descriptions of different events which take place at the “end of times”...

And they are plaguing our society.

When we exasperate these 4 issues... we soon experience the end of our days here on Earth — from a neglected body.

So let’s quickly cover each one of these “four horseman”...


So most people think of Magnesium as a major “relaxer”... which it impactful does.

However, one of the largest roles in our body is PRODUCING ENERGY!

ATP energy in our bodies cannot be adequately produced without Magnesium.

And ATP Energy is the currency of our body's life.

So to heal and maintain proper function, you MUST be producing adequate bodily energy.

Just like when your car is low on gas — your body gets low on energy, when your fuel reserve of Magnesium is low.

This is all rooted at the cellular level. And your cells need energy to function.

This requires 3 major keys:

— Proper DNA synthesis
— Proper cellular balance & function
— Required nutrients and ATP - (your body’s cellular energy fuel)

So let’s quickly cover these in more detail...


DNA is the body’s genetic code, used in the building of proteins and the reproduction of cells. The cells in our body are constantly being replaced by new cells.

DNA stability is dependent on magnesium.

Magnesium not only stabilizes DNA structures, it also functions as a cofactor in the repair of DNA damage by environmental mutagens. Combined with ATP, magnesium also assists in the healthy production of RNA, responsible for “reading” DNA and manufacturing the proteins we use in our bodies.

So we have to make sure that our DNA remain stable, avoiding mutations that can negatively impact healty cellular function!


Magnesium is critical in the creation of energy by activating ATP — which is the foundational energy storage molecule in your body, and is part of the krebs-cycle.


The Krebs cycle — is a series of reactions that produce ATP by breaking down glucose — as well as all metabolites, other sugars, carbohydrates, amino acids and fatty acids.

Magnesium is an important part of this Krebs cycle, which is the central metabolic pathway in all aerobic organisms.


Within every cell in the body, a proper balance of mineral content must be maintained.


Magnesium makes sure there is a healthy balance of important minerals such as calcium, sodium and potassium in each cell and affects the conduction of nerve impulses, muscle contraction, and heart rhythms.

To keep cells healthy, a proper mineral-ratio must be maintained.


To function properly, your body needs proper vitamins and minerals.

Your body can’t make “macro-minerals’, which is what Magnesium is And it’ s required to properly utilize various other minerals - which are widely available.

Vitamin uptake — (Vital vitamins in your diet can’t and don’t get properly absorbed without sufficient minerals in your system, like Magnesium!) — leading to any list of bodily malfunction.

So just like your body desperately requires magnesium, it also can’t get and properly use other necessary nutrients adequetely, in the absence of magnesium.


We’ve already touched on calcification and it being the #1 culprit behind our epidemic of magnesium deficiency.

— Calcium disrupts your sodium potassium pump, cellular balance, causes arterial calcification or hardening of the arteries, muscle contraction dangers, joint pain, anxiety, compromised cognition, blood sugar problems, fatigue, etc...

Not only do you get build up in your joints, tissues & muscles — which cause various aches & pains, but you ALSO get “calcium plaque” buildup in your arteries!

...This is why it's thought that “Calcification” is a major factor in Heart Disease — that’s what happens when your body is over-calcified.

In fact, too much calcium and too little magnesium can also cause your heart to spasm, even leading to a sudden cardiac arrest — which is why hospitals use injections of liquid magnesium to help treat approximately 50% of all heart attacks!

But the impotant thing to focus on, is that — Magnesium will actually work to clear this Calcification out!

As I explained, this was how I totally rid by body of chronic joint pain — by dissolving and releasing the calcium.

When you have calcification, it’s the same cause and effect for everyone...

When you restore your magnesium levels properly — you’ll dissolve and release displaced and harmful calcium.


Good ole restul sleep. Most of us don’t get anywhere near enough of it.

In my opinion, if there is not a singular better way to keep your body in healthy, optimal condition, then adequate sleep.

In fact, there was a recent studies and experts that said — if we lose just one night of sleep, our metabolism ages upto 30 years!

...Now think of how many people do NOT have sleep issues!

As matter of fact, I can tell you...

We put out a “Magnesium Deficiency Quiz” and questioned tens of thousands of people... less than 9% of all adults over the age of 18 reported not having sleeps issues!

Our society is massively and chronically sleep deprived from over work and over stress.

To maintain your health, reset, handle stressors and detox, WE NEED proper REM and delta sleep. For all mind, emotional and physical health reasons.

Dedicating more hours to sleep can be tough... but where we have the greatest opportunity is to improve lost time WHILE we are asleep...

Over 90% of people said they wake up at night. And most of them are also not getting the REM sleep their body desperately needs.

For example - a person on sleeping pills has completely short-circuited REM.

Usually their stress levels have INCREASE and their body continues to decline... which is unfortunate.

You need REM sleep, with the deepest possible rapid eye movement — to alleviate traumas and purge your stresses. You also want a fine balance of delta.

So quantity of sleep is important, but quality of sleep is KEY.

And proper replenishment of magnesium can work wonders for sleep.


This is another biggy... really, the most problematic today.

We take in a wide array on toxins on a daily basis.

From the billions of pounds of “rubber dust” that permeats our air from automobiles, to heavy metals in vaccines, dental fillings, fish and processed food and drink...

To BPA and various hormone-disrupters in plastics... to formaldahydes and PCB’s from off-gassing carpet and furnitures... to chemically-induced tap water — to GMO’s, pesticides, hormones and anti-biotics in our food.

In fact, the average person has over 50 detectable toxins in their blood from pesticides that haven’t been used for OVER 50 YEARS!!

We couldn’t avoid toxins if we tried. Not even for one day. Our bodies are constantly in a cycle of oxidative-stress.

...And when all these various toxins result in oxidative stress, our bodies must neutralize it with superoxide dismutase, and then (eliminate the toxic waste) from our cells.

Magnesium is key to our cellular detox.

If your body is to dispose of cellular waste, you need sufficient magnesium.

Without magnesium, the “sodium-potassium pump” within each cell, can’t operate properly...

Thus, an insufficiency in magnesium leads to harmful accumulations of toxic build up in your cells.

Enzymes - are also extremely vital for detoxing our bodies... they break down and help to eliminate the waste excreted by our cells.

And magnesium is key for over 330 enzymatic reactions in your body!

– This is why enzyme disruption and/or insufficiency - is so closely associated with disease & cancer.

(*These enzymes need MAGNESIUM to function properly!)

...So there you have the “4-Horseman”.

Those are your main culprits of disease, sleep-sabotage, joint & muscular pain, bodily breakdown, and ENERGY suck...

I challenge you to find a really unhealthy or sick person – that does not have several of these issues.

They almost always have ALL 4.

Now, we’ll come back briefly to these “4 Horseman” in a minute...

But first, to combat and avoid these problems, you need to know –

The Core Reasons We’re ALL Deficient?

There are several reasons we have chronically-low magnesium levels.

There are things that deplete magnesium in our food and water... and there are things that “flush” magnesium out of our bodies – causing our magnesium levels to constantly deplete.

You have your main common depleters.

And we have our “antagonizers” that really push things over the edge...

You’ll see how both groups are largely hard to avoid.

So first, lets cover the “common magnesium depleters”.

You’ll notice how magnesium becomes a “sensitive-target” of each situation...

Our Commom Magnesium Depleters:

  • SOIL DEPLETION: The quality of our soil has deteriorated from the acidic build-up and use of fertilizers that contain large amounts of Potassium. This results in lower Magnesium in produce than ever before.
  • CONVENTIONAL MEAT, EGGS & DAIRY: The massive use of growth hormones and high-grain diets results in severe nutritional deficiency, especially of Magnesium.
  • PESTICIDES, GMO'S & OTHER TOXICITIES: Magnesium is crucial for detoxification in our bodies. Because of today's never-ending source of toxicities, more Magnesium is vital.
  • ACID RAIN: Acid rain, which contains nitric-acid, causes a chemistry change in the soil, and leads to abnormal acidity. This causes Magnesium depletion in whatever grows from the Earth.
  • WHEAT & GRAINS: Originally high in Magnesium, our grains have been so refined that Magnesium is lost from the refining processes.

“The Big Antagonizers...”

  • HIGH CALCIUM: Calcium is VERY high in todays diet, as it’s also fortified in our foods and beverages.

    Calcium blocks proper Magnesium absorption in our bodies, as reported in countless studies.

    *And calcification, as we mentioned, contributes to heart disease, cancer, joint & muscular pains, and cellular imbalance – along with ATP disruption and energy deprevation!
  • WATER: Fluoride in our taps binds with Magnesium, making it unnavailable to our body and unable to perform it's needed functions. (fluoride also leads to malabsorption and calcification of our pineal gland in our brain)

    Chlorine over chlorinates us - killing our gut flora and leading to gut dybosis, which also results in severe malabsorption of magnesium, and thus countless nutrients.

    And regardless if you drink tap water - you absorb FAR MORE contaminents in a steamy shower when they are INHALED. And even if you have a shower filter – very few filter out chloromines – which can be worse than chlorine, and even less – less than 1% of them, filter out fluoride!
  • SALT: The high sodium in most of our diets, flushes magnesium out of our bodies. Also, when you “refine’ salt, it is stripped of magnesium – greatly furthering our depletion and deficiency.

    Magnesium is needed in each cell to counter-act and balance sodium. When it’s deficient – we experience things like “hyper-tension” from too much sodium!
  • SUGAR & ALCOHOL: Sugar is HUGE in our foods and drinks today. It’s in nearly EVERYTHING.

    Both sugar and alchohol increase Magnesium excretion through our kidneys and urine. While alcohol can be a problem for some people when using in excess, sugar is a major contributor for everyone regarding magnesium depletion.
  • PRESCRIPTION DRUGS: Almost all prescription drugs lead to a depletion in Magnesium. More drugs today are prescribed than ever before.
  • HEAVY METALS: Today, from fish, processed packaging, dental fillings, vaccinations, etc... Heavy metals are a very serious problem.

    Magnesium is a key protection against these poisons, and alternatively is depleted in the presence of their toxicity - found in all of us. Evidence suggests a deficiency in Magnesium also leads to further depositation of metals in the brain - leading to Alzheimers's, MS, Parkinsons, and other neurological diseases.

...As you can see, it's easy to process why EVERYONE is so largely affected!

And of course HOW IMPERATIVE it be that we all get adequate magnesium.

Some of us need much more than others.

It all depends on how far depleted you may be...

How to Access Your Own Deficiency:

So, how do you know how deficient you are?

Can't you just waltz in to your local doctor and get a blood test?

Well no, if it was that simple, we probably would have discovered this epidemic several decades before we did.

Here's the PROBLEM:

...Less than 1% of the Magnesium in our body is actually found in the blood serum!

Approximately one-quarter is found in muscle tissue, and three-fifths in bone...

Yet, blood serum is most commonly utilized for Magnesium status!

Modern medicine just hasn't caught up yet.

Unfortunately, Blood-Tests are WORTHLESS.

Luckily, a real deficiency isn't too hard to identify...

That is, besides the fact that over 80% of us [and climbing] are already known to be severely chronically-deficient. (And the rest of us are walking around in Stage 1-3 deficiency...)

Besides, you want to know how URGENT your personal Magnesium situation is...

There are some very telling signs that may indicate the severity of your own personal deficiency.

Usually, magnesium deficiency is best diagnosed by bodily environment, habits, and symptoms.

So some questions would be:

  • Do you or have you consistently consumed tap water?
  • Do you repeatedly take showers? (*most filters will filter some chlorine, but not fluoride or chloromines)
  • Do you ever consume non-organic produce? (*organic is free of pesticides but still shares the magnesium absence due to chronic soil depletion)
  • Do you ever consume calcium-fortified food or drinks? (*nearly impossible to avoid)
  • Do you or have you ever had metal fillings in your teeth? (*mercury & metal toxicity)
  • Do you ever entertain the “flu-vaccine?” (*contains mercury)

If any of these things are part of your environmental habits, especially more than one – then you are dangerously magnesium deficient.

There’s no way getting around it, unfortunately.

But to assess your self further – you want to take a look at possible symptoms...

It’s easy to quantify you as deficienct, since it’s so prominent, but “symptomatic-indications” help communicate what stage your deficiency may actually reside in...

Below, is a common list of symptoms - indicating Magnesium deficiency.

Look at each, and note which one'(s) may be affecting you:

Symptoms of Magnesium Deficiency:

The more things you identify with, the more deficient you likely are.

People usually start showing symtoms at “STAGE 3 or 4” deficiency.

If you have multiple symptoms from this list, on a consistent basis, then you are likely Stage 3 or STAGE 4 deficient like I was 8 years ago...

...Are ANY of These Symptoms Familiar?

If you're at all like I was... chances are quite a few of these are affecting you.

It's almost inevitable.

The “big 3” are - low energy, sleep issues, and joint/muscles pains.

Many people I’ve noticed seem to notice at least one of those 3 early on…

But overall: The more symptoms you have – the more your body is desperate for magnesium.

This is valuable to know. Don’t be overly alarmed, yet.

Magnesium deficiency plagues just about everyone.

But, there is an easy fix that I’ll educate you about in a minute…

(It’s relevant to my personal experience and discovery 8 years ago.)

Today, my magnesium levels are TOPPED UP and have been for a number of years now….

But back then I was in —


This is where I was 10 years ago…

At 46 years old… I was I was disgustingly overweight, had chronic inflammation, condemning fatigue and was ridden with multiple medical issues — eventually leading to liver disease.

I was also in STAGE 4 magnesium deficiency.

So on my road to recovery, about a year after I had been supplementing with some marine-phytoplankton to try and get my liver on the right track, I discovered a breakthrough in magnesium, which was the i-MCH.

The gentleman that pioneered its discovery had explained to me, its unique-ness and abnormal ability to penetrate our body and cells in mass — for full-body repletion of magnesium.

I Was Intrigued… What Did I Have to Lose?

And so... he told me to apply it to my elbow joint — that had been hurting & bothering me for years…

Well, each time I used it, my elbow, felt better, MUCH BETTER… and of course, the real payoff was several weeks later — when I no longer needed to apply the magnesium to my elbow.

It had simply healed itself — in the case of my elbow, the i-MCH had “de-calcified” my joint — which had been causing the joint pain and inflammation — and all my issues in the first place.

Well, as I kept applying it… my entire body, which I had already started to get on the right track — started lifting into its natural balance.

And of course, I kept using it to this day — and long story short; a decade later, I’m —

A Whole New Person!

Well shortly after my positive experiences with i-MCH, I’d given some of the i-MCH to my friend Amber, to try to alleviate her shoulder injury due to sports in her younger years…

And the miracle at the time was how — not only did her shoulder stop bothering her after about 2 months, but her entire health had completely balanced.

She felt amazing, and her mensrual-cycle, which had left her in bed wiped out for 4-5 days a month, had totally alleviated!

Well, that was about 8 years ago — and she still feels amazing to this day.

See, like me, Amber was calcified. And she was extremely lacking in her magnesium reserves…

We’re not any different as everyone else walking around, who are susceptible and victims of chronic magnesium deficiency.

We were both just a little more far-gone than some people.

After all, we were both in — the DEEPEST era of deficiency!

...But - the important question is how did we replete?

And how can YOU bring your body back into complete equilibrium?

Well —

Remember The “4-Horseman?”

Here’s How We Beat Them:

We talked about magnesium and it’s correlation with the “4-Horseman”.

But we didn’t talk about it’s full-ability to neutralize each one of these killer-culprits…

To get your body into complete homeostasis and acheive the levels of vitality you desire to be comfortable and peaking in life —

You need to E.A.S.E.

E.A.S.E. is an acrynom for restoring your body back to homeostasis.

E.A.S.E - stands for:



Here’s what happens when you fully EASE:


“Low Energy” becomes a thing of the past.

Fullying repleting your body of magnesium, allows your body to produce proper ATP ENERGY, helps you absorb & assimilate proper nutrients and maintain proper cellular function — and it works to protect your DNA.

Your “krebs cycle” and sodium-potasium pumps work properly.

Remember, to heal and maintain proper function, you MUST be producing adequate bodily energy.


Calcification and it being the #1 culprit behind our epidemic of magnesium deficiency.

When you alleviate calcification, you promote healthier blood pressure levels, you support proper working sodium potassium pumps, cellular balance, muscular relaxatoin (your heart is a muscle), blood sugar & flow, and cognition.

*As I explained, calcification was solely responsible for the chronic joint pain in my elbow, as well as various other regards in my body. My blood pressure used to be through the roof…

So when you restore your magnesium levels properly — you’ll dissolve, release, and alleviate calcification!


Proper replenishment of magnesium works wonders for sleep.

Getting your proper deep REM, as well as some delta sleep is vital for acheiving a balanced well-being.

You must get quality sleep to acheive optimal well-being and homeostasis.

There is no way around this. When you are fully-magnesium REPLETE, you can benefit from much higher quality sleep then that of a deficient person.


Remember we mentioned at the beginning about ENZYMES?

Remember magnesium is responsible for over 330 enzymatic functions in your body!

Well these are vitally necessary to combat oxidative stress and break down and eliminate waste.

And of course the "sodium potassium pump" we talked about…

Healthy mineral pums ensure cellular balance - for burning fuel and allowing waste to LEAVE your cells!

And Your State of "Calcification."

Remember if you’re symptomatic, you’ve moved into stage 3 or STAGE 4.

This means you’re in trouble, and desperately need to REPLETE.

I was in STAGE 4 in my elbow, and some other areas…

But you can be in STAGE 4 in sleep, bone density, muscular contraction, cellular imbalance, and so on…

(This may or may not be your exact situation… you may be the minority that is only Stage 1 or 2 deficient. )

Regardless, we’re all living in STAGE 4 threat because of our environment and circumstances we covered…

And whether it’s a problem yet, it certainly will be.

But you don’t need to be concerned with over-complications.

All you need to acknowledge today is:

Magnesium is KEY For Your Complete
And Synergistic Health!

  • Magnesiume raises DHEA levels, a life-span indicator. (the “anti-aging” hormone)
  • Helps prevent bleeding gums & demineralizing teeth!
  • Helps to reduce unwanted breath and body odor
  • Activates enzymes that control digestion, absorption and utilization of proteins, fats and carbs.
  • Aids in your Heart’s muscular ability to control valves.
  • Neutralizes “catecholamines” (from stress-induced adrenaline & cortisol)
  • Helps prevent Myocardial Infarction, usually caused by aggravated Magnesium deficiency.
  • Helps to reduce threshold and prevent seizures.
  • Helps the brain recover from trauma.
  • Helps protect the brain from the toxic effects of chemicals
  • Promotes lactic acid, which prevents post-exercise pain.
  • Can prevent sudden cardiac death in active or athletic persons!
  • Helps relax muscles & relieve tension and pain
  • Helps softens skin
  • Helps prevent Headaches/Migraines
  • Helps treat & prevent Stress, Anxiety and Depression
  • Helps alleviate & prevent “Panic-Attacks”
  • Helps boost production of Serotonin - the “feel good” brain chemical.
  • Supports the Adrenal Glands

You Want To Keep Your Magnesium Levels Topped Up:

  • Can reduce your chances of heart attack & stroke by up to 50%!
  • Helps regulate balance of potassium and sodium inside heart muscle cells.
  • Helps prevent muscle spasms in the blood, which can lead to heart attacks!
  • Helps prevent muscle spasms in the peripheral blood vessels, which lead to high blood pressure.
  • Helps prevent “calcification” or calcium build-up in the arterial walls.
  • Prevents Calcium from rushing in and causing CELL DEATH
  • Helps reduce spasms & relaxes blood vessels - lowering risk for heart attacks
  • Vital for the production, function, and transport of Insulin
  • Hypoglycemia; helps prevent low blood sugar
  • Diabetes; helps prevents high blood sugar
  • Crucial in the defense & detoxification of Mercury and other "Heavy Metals"

To Top Up Your Magnesium Levels And E.A.S.E.
— You Need Highly-Effective Supplementation.

Combatting the “calcification” aspect alone, is near impossible in today’s day and age without it.

However, there are significant problems with magnesium supplementation…

THE PROBLEM with Supplementation:

The problem is common magnesium supplementation is largely INEFFECTIVE.

This will take a moment to explain...

Why Common Magnesium Supplementation

So there are lots of different magnesium supplements…

Magnesum oxide, magnesium citrate, magnesium orotate… magnesium chloride, magnesium lactate, sulfate, carbonate, malates, taurates, etc.

So first, regardless of form, let’s talk about —


Oral magnesium supplements are the most commonly taken.

And they are the most problematic.

This is largely because you never absorb 100% of any magnesium that goes into your stomach. You might take in as much as half of the natural magnesium in your food or water...

But you get much less from supplement tablets and capsules – often as little as 4%.

And the bigger problem is — the little you do absorb may not do you much good anyway, since many supplements contain forms of magnesium that your body simply won’t use.

It’s like putting diesel in a car that’s made to run on gas.  

And even if the magnesium is usable, research indicates that oral supplements can take a very long time, even years — to restore healthy levels of magnesium to your body.

You End up Right Back at Square One:

So the big problem with oral magnesium supplements is they can’t get absorbed at a high-enough dose to make any significant difference in your repletion. (*Nor do you want them to — as too much oral magnesium can actually damage your body)

This is mainly because magnesium from food or drink needs to remain in your intestines for hours to get absorbed into your bloodstream — Where as supplements do not require “timely-breaking down”.

Then of course, there’s the digestive laxative side-effects as well as kidney strain.

And some forms of magnesium found in oral supplements are actually harmful – like magnesium aspartate, which break down into a molecule similar to the artificial sweetener aspartame that kills brain cells and does all sorts of things you don’t want.

And if you accidentally take too much of any of these oral magnesiums, it’s possible to overdose and cause damage to your kidneys.  

There’s a much better way to get abundant levels of magnesium into your body that doesn’t give you an upset stomach or any side-effects whatsoever, and it can restore a healthy balance of magnesium to every cell in just a matter of weeks or even DAYS, rather than several months or years.

And it’s not in a synthetic form that is incapatable with your human operating system, nor does it present ANY side effects.

How to Make Supplementation Effective:

The simple secret for proper and optimum assimilation of Magnesium - is to apply it TRANSDERMALLY - ie: via the skin, NOT as an oral supplement.

Transdermal administration of magnesium is the quickest and easiest way to correct chronic degeneration caused by Magnesium deficiency.

How it works:

You simply spray a clear, odorless, stain-free natural-liquid onto your skin that absorbs in a matter of seconds to deliver pure, 100% bioavailable magnesium directly to your bloodstream.

Since our skin is our biggest organ, it allows for the heaviest absorption. And nor does it need to tax your digestive system or process through the liver or kidneys.

Now what else is vitally important, is it’s also by far - the SAFEST.

This is because your skin will NOT absorb more that your body needs. Once your levels become “high enough” — your skin will actually “police” how much more magnesium it lets through.

Yet — it allows you to safely take in much more magnesium than you could possibly get from tablets or capsules.

When you put it on, or even add it to a warm tub and soak in it — you’ll feel it flow into your blood in literally just a few seconds...

(All Transdermals Not the Same!)

Contrary to common belief many share... your skin is NOT a shell.

It is an ORGAN.

Whatever you put on your skin, goes into your body.

So whatever is contained within your magnesium source is extremely important.

...Because you will also absorb any accompanying materials or toxins.

Some transdermals are “oils” that are a simple mixture of water powdered magnesium that’s often sourced second-hand from rock, or nickel-mining waste and contains many other trace minerals besides magnesium that are NOT meant to be absorbed through your skin. (which is why they tend to cause a “filmy-irritation”, that’s not really desired.)

Because of their sourcing — some of these products can contain dangerous levels of heavy metals and other contaminants. (We definitely don’t want any of that stuff in our bodies!)

Plus, these products aren’t going to likely be any more bioavailable than what you’d find in an oral supplement – meaning you’re putting something into your system that your body simply doesn’t know what to do with.

The proper solution should also never irritate your skin, leave a filmy residue, stain clothes or simply “fail to dry”.

And all of this is ZERO concern with a Magnesium that’s 100% compatible with your body and operating system.

Simply give attention to these –

Transdermal Magnesium Essentials:

Whatever magnesium source goes onto your body, it's important to check off some essentials...

You want it to be these 6 things:

  • A real form of magnesium, existent in nature. Not a synthetic.
  • Compatible with your human operating system.
  • Highly absorbable.
  • 100% Toxin-free.
  • Skin-irritant and residue free.
  • Free of side-effects.

Enter i-MCH...

...What is i-MCH?

i-MCH stands for “intelligent” Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate.

It’s a form of magnesium chloride that uses a proprietary natural implosion and imprint technology — that results in pure bio-available magnesium for your skin.

i-MCH allows your body to benefit from the purest and most potent form of magnesium — literally on the planet, and is 100% compatible with our human operating system.

(And it's 100% isolated - without any accompanying contaminents or undesired ingredients!)

It comes from the same elemental source your body naturally craves...

A source that’s been known for thousands of years, yet only now made available in a form you can use anywhere, without a trace of toxins or impurities!

The Most Compatible Magnesium For Your Body:
“Found in the World’s Oceans”

For thousands of years, many cultures around the world have passed down the health benefits of bathing in ocean water...

– The ancient Greeks called it “thalassotherapy” – which means;

‘...Healing from the SEA’

(As they regularly bathed in seawater-filled pools.)

Well by the early 1900’s, medical science was catching up to the reason why sea water appeared to have such unique therapeutic benefits:

You see, on the INSIDE... it turns out that your body is a lot like an ocean...

To the extent that by the 1940’s, doctors had discovered that seawater – including its natural mineral content – is virtually identical to the composition of human blood plasma!

This is what I mean by 100% compatible with your human operating system!

...In fact, during World War II, the U.S. Navy successfully used seawater when they ran out of blood plasma supplies to save the lives of injured sailors — pumping it straight into their veins!

See — there is a unique form of magnesium contained in sea water, found nowhere else in nature – and this is instantly recognized and absorbed by your body.

Scientists call this ‘liquid’ form of magnesium in seawater “Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate” – or, just “MCH”...

What we discovered, along with —

What Our Scientist Discovered 20 Years Ago...

Is that MCH is dramatically enhanced when it’s extracted in concentration, using a special implosion and imprint technology (*making it "intelligent") — that makes it more repleting for our system, and also 100% bio-available.

(Which is why you can literally feel it within micro-seconds of it hitting your skin.)

And unlike other forms of magnesium found in conventional supplements that are synthetic or extracted from rocks... this “i-MCH” form of magnesium is meant to synthesize with WATER — which is inside your body!

As a result, it’s freely absorbed through the microscopic pores in your skin, and effortlessly enters your blood stream to reach the cells where it’s needed most without upsetting your stomach or putting stress on your kidneys.

And because it never has to enter your GI tract, it’s impossible for natural iMCH magnesium to cause any digestive problems...

And because your skin will only absorb the amount of iMCH magnesium your body can use right away... Like I said — there’s also no way that you can accidentally take “too much.

Why iMCH is the Most Elegant Solution
For Magnesium Repletion:

How iMCH stacks up:

About EASE:

EASE is the perfect solution of MCH - which we guarantee is the most potent, most effective, most pure, most natural and most synergistic Magnesium you’ve ever experienced!

EASE is the world’s ONLY natural iMCH magnesium ever produced — using propriatary natural implosion and imprint technologies.

EASE is 100% pure MCH - magnesium chloride hexahydrate, naturally derived from The Dead Sea!

EASE Contains NO Artificial Ingredients or Fillers!

(*scented versions with added organic essential oils only!)

We Don’t Take Chances With Your Health!

– At Activation, we take an extra step to ensure the maximum purity: always purifying the magnesium down to the MOLECULAR level.

“Pharmaceutical grade” – by law, can still contain up to 10 parts per million of harmful heavy metals like mercury, lead and cadmium.

- While MOLECULAR grade cannot possess any of these toxins.

*If You’ve Tried “Transdermal Magnesium’s" Before...

If you’ve tried “other transdermals’ and you’re at all skeptical, I urge you to try this test for yourself...

First, try any “magnesium oil” you can find at dozens of websites online – or that you may have already, and apply it to your skin on one arm.

On the other arm, apply an equal amount of seawater-extracted EASE magnesium and watch what happens:

You’ll notice — where you sprayed the magnesium “oil”, the liquid doesn’t immediately absorb and may sting on contact with your skin.

On the other arm, where you sprayed EASE, your skin absorbs the liquid within seconds – even if you barely rub it in!

...In fact, we’ve lost count of all the emails we’ve received from people who have compared our previous natural seawater magnesium to the alternatives!

So EASE not only will not irritate your skin:

But it actually moisturizes and re-hydrates dry skin – improving your skin texture and tone by binding water molecules to your skin and even promoting new skin cell growth!

EASE uses a proprietary Saturation Point Technology to infuse the MCH magnesium in a hyper-soluble solution of ultra-purified water.

Again, that means no mineral residue on your skin or clothing... no odor or oily texture... and absorption of these vital nutrients exactly where you need them most in literally just seconds!

Let EASE Take Your Body
Back Into Homeostasis!

...Remember “The 4-Horseman?”

Take your health in your hands and E.A.S.E your body to top performance!


Use EASE to infuse your body with COMPLETE MAGNESIUM REPLETION!

Let EASE support over 350 life-enabling processes in your body!

Supplementing transdermally with the proper magnesium — that is 100% compatible with your human operating system, is KEY!

In addition, something we forgot to mention as a bonus, is EASE fuels your vitality and longevity further through promotion of —

Your Ultimate “YOUTH” Hormone!

Medical studies show that magnesium properly absorbed through your skin also naturally boosts your levels of a hormone known as DHEA — or “the anti-aging hormone’

Doctors refer to it as “the master hormone” because it normally declines with age in both men and women — and is known as a life-span indicator.

And when replenished, DHEA automatically goes to work re-balancing and replacing your body’s levels of other hormones like estrogen and testosterone that also become depleted as you get older – helping to restore healthy, youthful levels!

But of course, this isn’t just about longevity...

Your life and health is on the line here, and we are here because we truly want to see you enjoy the best health and well-being possible...

After all, magnesium deficiency, and all the crippling hurdles that come with it is -

A Pandemic Problem You Can Easily Avoid!

So I hope this presentation and message is resonating well with you, and largely benefits your own well being... and hopefully your family's as well...

Because this isn't just about "avoiding problems", this is about improving our health and achieving the HIGHEST LEVELS OF WELLBEING ever imaginable!

And EASE™ is a major KEY in this equation.

So make sure you start repleting your magnesium levels up to the maximum, each day. And carry this message to those you care about - to do the same.

This magnificent mineral simply provides too much for our health to not take full advantange of the amazing support it gives our bodies!

So please, give it a try and —

“Let us EASE your life – *RISK FREE!”
(*Yes, REALLY...Or You Keep the Bottle!)

Try EASE Magnesium for 2 FULL MONTHS - and if you're not completely satisfied by this purely amazing product, we'll give you a full-refund.

It's that simple.... put EASE Magnesium to the test, and FEEL BETTER...

Because you have absolutely nothing to lose, only a better body & life to gain!

We support you and stand by this product 100%, because we know, without question - EASE Magnesium adds priceless quality to your life and the lives of your loved ones!

And the PROOF is undisputable...

Within seconds, some customers have reported elevated moods!

...In as little as 30 seconds people have reported relief of inflammation & tension melting out of their joints and muscles.

Improved blood sugar balances, and blood pressure regulation... relief from tension & anxiety. Or simply better sleep, or a sweet-BOOST of actual sustaining energy...

What will EASE Magnesium do for YOU?

Well here's what it did for some others...

Praise For EASE Magnesium:


EASE has monumental value for your health, as you'll soon discover...

(*Or we'll let you keep the bottle - FREE!)

*Including its major ability to help you "de-calcifiy" your tissues and bones.

Use EASE for the next 60 days...

We promise you will:

  • Feel more balanced!
  • Gain more ENERGY!
  • Sleep better!
  • Alleviate aches & pains!
  • Experience a more REFRESHED body!

EASE into better health and grab yours today...

Experience the benefit of the absolute purest, 100% absorbable magnesium on the market and secure yourself excellent health for years to come!

– You will FEEL THE DIFFERENCE EASE Magnesium makes or we'll simply grant you a FULL REFUND!

...You can even keep the bottle!!

Just choose your EASE Magnesium option below, and experience the health and harmonic feelings of TRUE bodily balance...

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We look forward to hearing how EASE elevates your life, and the lives of your family...

Welcome to the iMCH family!

Yours in great health,

Ian Clark


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